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  1. Hi Ron,
    I just read your interview with Simages. Good Comments. I have played Ghetto for many years with my students and social services agencies. I have the rights to it and have revised it to add elements of males having female profiles, just having two elements of safety and housing for the community, allowing 40 to play in 4 different neighborhoods, and publishing it. I now call it Perils of Poverty. About 20 years ago several criticized the term Ghetto so it is Perils of Poverty. Check my website out for for social simulations I have designed.
    I met you in the 1970s at NASAGA and have several of your publications.

    • On Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 9:59 AM, Ron Stadsklev wrote:

      Hello Chuck,

      WOW, what a surprise. Glad to hear that you have been so successful. My simulation Gaming career came to an end when Regan was elected and all the money that was going in to soft sciences and education shifted over to hard sciences and military. The University of Alabama had a big meetilng and the president told us of all the cuts that would need to be made. Institute of Research and Services would be no more.. When one person asked “But what about creativity” The president said “Creativity is a luxury we no longer can afford” I headed for California and got involved with the environmental movement. I started a business called “Ecology Works”. Shortly after I retired, Yvonne (the love of my life)died from brain cancer. I promised her I would start a new life, but that was hard to do when everything reminded me of her. I knew I had to get back to work and in an entirely new environment. I started going to China and use experienal l techniques (like S/G ) to teach a class called “Conversation English and American culture for advanced English students)

      Ghetto was a game I had used in all my seminars and workshops to illustrate a closed model S/G. I used Starpower it illustrate an open model S/G. My son (one of those computer wizards) republished my book and designed a new format for Dove Tolls’s Ghetto game. He designed it as a DIY (do it yourself)j version. I knew that Western Publishing had gone out of business long ago. ,so I managed to track down Dove and tell her what we wanted to do with her game. Since she had the copyrights on both her 1964 version and the 1969 version she gave permission to do whatever we wanted. She was excited to know that her game would be made available in a version that would be inexpensive.

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